• Vanguard UK Guardianship Ltd has always adhered to a people-centered principle. We believe that the choice of a host family is one of the important criteria for successful guardianship and also serves as the child's second home during their stay in the UK. Host families play a significant role in the child's experience while studying abroad.

    We will place your child in the most suitable host family for them. They will spend short weekends and extended holidays with the host family, receiving warm welcomes from the entire household. Many students maintain friendships with their host families even after leaving school.

    Your child will have their own independent bedroom in the host family's home, equipped with a study desk for their convenience. They will share three meals a day with the family. We personally conduct regular visits to all host families to ensure they meet the highest standards of accommodation, providing your child with the best care and support.

    Vanguard Guardianship's Host Family Approval Process:

    • Preliminary phone screening to identify suitable host families and understand their preferences and addresses.
    • Face-to-face interviews with the area manager responsible for the region, conducting a comprehensive inspection of the host family's property and its surrounding area.
    • Discussions with the area manager regarding expectations and other matters related to being a host family.
    • All family members aged 16 and above undergo a police criminal record check.
    • Two recommendation letters from longtime colleagues and friends.
    • Verification of all relevant insurance for vehicles and the house.
    • Inspection of safety certificates for heating equipment, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms.

    Host families are also required to provide suitable photos and personal background information. This information helps us create a host family profile, which is then shared with relevant students, parents, agents, and schools.