About Vanguard

  • Vanguard UK Guardianship Ltd was established in 2022 and is dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality, and personalized services for Chinese students studying in the UK and residing in boarding schools. Our team members are highly qualified, experienced, patient, and dedicated. We ensure a smooth and worry-free educational journey for students coming to the UK, relieving parents of any concerns.

    We are a Chinese-owned guardianship company in the UK, ensuring seamless communication and safeguarding the best interests of the children. Our service team consists of both Chinese nationals and local UK residents, each member possessing extensive experience in the field of education and a deep understanding of British society and culture. We understand the differences in the Chinese and British education systems and empathize with the thoughts and values of both parents and students. We are professional, patient, excellent listeners, skilled analysts, and detail-oriented. We provide clients with genuine, authoritative, and detailed analysis, ensuring our consulting services are professional, objective, and rigorous. In these challenging times, Vanguard UK Guardianship upholds its commitment to resolving concerns for our students and parents. Leveraging the advantage of our Chinese team, we provide comfortable Chinese homestays for our supervised students, allowing them to feel the warmth of home. During the return journey to China, guardians provide students with meticulous care, handling tasks such as ticket purchase, nucleic acid testing, arranging dedicated drivers, and ensuring the safe return of the child.