Vanguard UK Guardianship Ltd, a company based in the UK, offers comprehensive, high-quality, efficient, and personalized services to Chinese international students studying in boarding schools in the UK.
  • Overseas Education Guardian

    According to boarding school requirements in the UK, international boarding students must have a UK resident aged 25 and above as their guardian.

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  • Guardianship Service

    Studying abroad for guardianship is a rigorous business, please understand the key details of guardianship services and the host family review process.

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  • Apply for guardianship

    Begin your guardianship application journey by reaching out to us and understanding the scope of our services and related terms, ensuring your child receives top-notch international student guardianship.

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  • Online Registration

    Win at the starting line. If you are interested, please fill out the registration form. After understanding the needs, we will provide personalized study abroad monitoring services.

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Vanguard UK Guardianship Ltd

We provide comprehensive, high-quality, and personalized guardianship services for Chinese students studying in the UK and residing in boarding schools.

Our team members are experienced, highly qualified, patient, and dedicated. Vanguard UK Guardianship in the UK is committed to being your trustworthy mentor and friend, ensuring the well-being of your child during their study abroad experience in the UK.

Q&A Session

Studying abroad is a crucial life experience where children face difficulties and challenges independently. We have successfully resolved numerous issues related to student guardianship and international student life. Parents and friends who are interested are welcome to browse and refer.


Provide 24/7 attentive monitoring services

Vanguard UK Guardianship provides 24/7 caring guardianship services for young international students studying in the UK, providing comprehensive support for families thousands of miles away, and helping parents solve their problems.

Carefully handle and solve various problems

We represent parents and communicate with the school, and will carefully handle and solve various problems fed back to us by the school, helping students become independent and outstanding young people.

Provide academic guidance and supervision services

If parents and classmates need it, our professional mentor team will provide regular academic guidance and supervision services to help children fully realize their potential and take their studies to the next level.

Tailored selection of the most suitable host family

Vanguard UK Guardianship will also select the most suitable host family for students in need during school holidays, providing students with a good accommodation and dining environment.